Footman James currently give 10% discount on kit & classics 5% on modern cars for club members, plus they seem to be one of the best priced. They have also told us that for 2008 they will give a percentage to the club funds for any kitcar policy taken out by our members.  Please let us know if you take out a policy with them to enable us to claim this. Every little helps to keep the club running!    Tel 0844 826 8944  (new number) and quote your club membership no.

For quote visit web site




Osborne and Sons    Tel 0845 3306001



Other Kit car info



Please ensure you have a new type vehicle registration document.  The old ones are not valid after 30th June 2005.  See DVLA website for more details.




Kit-car contacts:

Steve Hole Total kit car  Tel 01883 372085