About the Club

Hello and welcome to the Italian Replica Club's web page

Hopefully for 2023 we will see more shows returning and with their original format.  We will send emails out to Club members regarding the shows as we get them, to check interest.

The aims of the club are to provide a meeting place at shows for like-minded souls who want to talk cars, socialise and have a few drinks (alcoholic or otherwise) in a pleasant atmosphere.  We try to provide tea, coffee, etc, and somewhere to shelter if it rains - which it frequently does! 

If you now own an Italian Replica and would like to join the club, please give us a ring or e-mail us to arrange to bring your Italian Replica to a show.  You must attend at least one show a year, or you will not be included in the following year's club listing.  You can re-join at any time by bringing your Italian Replica to a show. This enables us to keep an active membership. There is now a £5 club admin fee. We have newsletters at most shows.   

If you need help or just want to talk, we will try to put you in touch with someone who can help - or just come and join us at a show for coffee and a chat.  If you want info in writing, please e-mail us, or write enclosing a stamped addressed envelope.  Please give us time to respond.

Members cars include replicas of: F Dino, 308 GTB/S,  F355,  F360, F430, F 250 GTO, F550 GTS, Daytona Coupe/Spyder, F40, Testarossa, Lamborghini Countach, Diablo, Murcielago etc. 

Latest arrangements for each show will be posted at the bottom of the events page.  Please note that for many of the shows we have limited spaces and now have to send in a list of entrants quite early, so please try to book for the show as early as possible when necessary.

Roy & Glynis.

Members update

Updates on DVLA local office closures



The DVLA have now given dates for local office closures for late next year please click on links for info.

If you have not had your repanelled car checked and description updated, this is your warning - if they shut the local offices you may have to take it to an IVA testing station.

More cost and more questions







Attention! Important - Please read

Attention!  Important - Please Read

Please look at the  www.dft.gov.uk/dvla/vehicles.aspx     website in section Motoring/ Registering a rebuilt vehicle, kit car and kit conversion -  section kit conversions.

This has changed to include body kit  conversions, and affects all body kit conversions finished or future builds, on unaltered chassis or monocoque bodyshells,  if the general appearance of the vehicle has changed. For example F355,F40,F360,F430,Dino on Toyota MR2 or Ford Cougar -  250 GTO on Porsche or Datson -  308,F40,Testarossa on Pontiac Fiero -  Dino, 250LM on  VW Beetle

I have a received a reply  to a number of questions I asked the DVLA in an email,  which I can forward it to anyone who requests it.  In short it says:

1.     If the body kit fitted alters the general appearance, and the monocoque bodyshell or chassis has not been cut into, then the V5 should be sent to the DVLA with a covering letter detailing the changes ,  pictures of the finished car, and of the build if you have built it , and copies of any receipts you have. They will then amend the V5 under model to reflect the altered appearance, but not the Manufacturer.

2.     If the monocoque bodyshell or chassis has been cut then it will have to have an  IVA to register the vehicle.

3.     All local DVLA offices are closing in the near future and I am informed that any inspections of vehicles to determine if IVA is required , will be done at a MOT testing staion.

The DVLA has not indicated what the price for this might be.


Before ringing the DVLA  please give me a ring  01924 273619 for more info