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Members cars

Ian & Maureen with their 250 SWB California replica

Neil with his 355 replica


Base car MR2 turbo

Steve and Carol with their F40 replica

Base car Pontiac Foero

Neil with his 250 GTO replica

Russells Dino 246 LM Replica

Richard and Michelle with thier Murcielago replica

Lee and Sally with their F250 SWB replica

Maurice with his F355 Replica

Luiz and Angie with thier F430 replica
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Tim & Pauline with their 250 GTO replica

Base car Datson 240Z

Dave & Joyce with their Dino replica

Lee with his F355 Spider replica

John and Mandy with thier F355 replica

Clifton with his Countach

Mike & Barbra with thier F430 replica

Simon & Lesley with their F430 replica

John with his F360 replica

Paul with his 166 spider corsa replica

Andy with his Lamborghini Countach


Mike with his Nemesis

Martin & Linda with their 250 SWB replica

Youssaf with his F430 Scuderia replica

Trevor with his 250 GT SWB replica

Michael with his 288 GTO replica

Andy & Mike with their F360

Gavin with his Nemesis

Jeff & Sue with their 308 replica


video 250 GTO at Stoneleigh

highlight right click and open link for video

Mike with his 250GT California replica

Brian with his F360 replica

Barry with his F360 Replica

Dave with his F430 Scuderia replica

Andy with his F360 replica

Chris with his Dino replica

Dave wuth his F360 replica

Graham with his F360 replica

Jim with his F360 replica

Dave with his F355 Replica

Andy with his F360 replica