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DVLA insurance new regs

Neil found this on the DirectGov website under



"Stay insured: penalties for motor vehicles without insurance"

If you're the registered keeper of a vehicle, it must be insured at all times.

The exceptions are:


•if you have made a SORN for the vehicle

•if your vehicle has been kept off-road since before SORN came into

force on 31 January 1998 – unless it was brought back into use

•if your vehicle is recorded as stolen, passed or sold to the motor

trade or between registered keepers

•if your vehicle is recorded scrapped or permanently exported by the

Driver and Vehicle Licensing (DVLA).

New DVLA registering of panel kits

This is a quote from the DVLA letter sent to me, regarding - reskined or (panel kits).


"Whilst vehicles aesthetically modified by placing a ' Skin ' over the complete original vehicle should be notified to DVLA and would result in a revised discription on the vehicle registration certificate, in line with all other vehicles assessed under the INF 26 guidelines, these vehicles do require inspection before a decision can be made about the registration and any vehicle record amendments."